At an international conference, Van Heck met a Salvage Master of one of the major Japanese ship salvage companies. After explaining our Sea Trophy system, this man was particularly interested in the compact size of the Sea Trophy and very curious about the exact technique of the system. That is why Van Heck invited him for a demonstration.

On the 5th of December the Salvage Master flew to the Netherlands for a demonstration using the test setup, specially designed by our engineer Harald Boesjes, at our company site in Noordwolde.

nippon salvage demo sea trophy

In the test setup the practical operation and the different application possibilities of the Sea Trophy were demonstrated in a time frame of two hours. The Japanese salvage company was particularly impressed by the performance of the relatively small oil pump. He was very enthusiastic about our Sea Trophy and has indicated that he wants to use this in future (international) salvage jobs.

Can the Sea Trophy be interesting for you and are you curious about its exact functioning and possibilities? Contact us for a non-committal demonstration!

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